The Logic Train Doesn’t Stop Here

Today was my first physical therapy session which was more like a comedy of errors that wasn’t funny. After my second surgery my physical therapy consisted of a 3 minute course of how to use crutches. However, they did not teach me how to get up and downstairs with them, I learned how from a pamphlet. I was given no exercises to do and I was non weight-bearing. A week ago I was told that I could start weight-bearing as much as tolerated and I have been doing so. Let me relate how my first physical therapy session/evaluation went.

I was first asked some basic question of when and how did I break my leg. I was then asked what exercises I was doing. I told them none since that was the case and I got a look from the therapist. I explained that I was instructed to do nothing. I was then asked about my fitness level before I broke my leg. I told them that I was running on a track which was close to my house.

I was led to a gym after the parallel bars I was told to get on an exercise bike. My first thought was that won’t work my frame sticks out too much. However, I thought these people are professionals they probably deal with this and have an altered machine. Well I should have spoken up. I get on the bike and I can’t even pedal since the frame smacks the support. So I’m told to get on the treadmill which I do. Then I’m asked if I have a treadmill at home I tell them no. Also didn’t I just tell them that I ran on a track near my house? If I had a treadmill why would I walk a mile to run a mile and then walk back home?

After walking for a bit on the treadmill I’m told to stop. The therapist told me “you have no back muscles, I can tell by the way you’re walking”. I told her “That makes sense since I haven’t walked in 5 1/2 months”. You could see the light bulb go on. Had this woman not listened to a word I said? I swear to God does no one listen or look? I’ve been ignored, belittled and treated like I have no brain. Why is it when I speak up or point out a glaring and obvious problem I’m labeled as a Bitch?


3 thoughts on “The Logic Train Doesn’t Stop Here

  1. It’s the accent. We’re still sore about King George and all that rabble. 😉

    Really, it just sounds like how most people do their jobs. Why put in effort to do a good job when you can do a mediocre job that won’t get you fired without any effort at all? They’ll get paid the same regardless of the level of care you get, after all.

    Wow. When did I get this cynical?

  2. At that point, I gently remind them how much I love the care Kaiser has given to my family and then find another therapist who is not so unobservant. Hell, she’d probably never notice if the treadmill ate you!

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