Kaiser Visit 2008-2

Once again my pinsites wreaking havoc on my body. Last visit to the cast room I was told that all was normal. This time all of my pinsites are oozing and one of them is incredibly swollen and causing a great deal of pain. Even my super-nifty painkillers are not helping, when I move my foot the pain shoots up from the pinsite along the scar where my metal plate and screws are. I went to the Cast room tonight to see if everything is ok.

I saw the same P.A. as last time and he told me once again that my pinsites are the cleanest that he has seen. Also that there is nothing he or I can do for my leg. It is just reacting to the foreign bodies. I was prescribed antibiotics as a precaution. Once again I asked if they (antibiotics) were in my best interest and they are. So I now wait with baited breath for Monday.

One nice thing did happen today. Yesterday I had an emotional breakdown in front of Miss C., today she brought me a card, a bottle martinelli’s, a hershey bar and a couple of DVDs. I thank her for her kindness!


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