I spent most of today crying, I’m upset over many things.  However, what has me most depressed is the passage of time.  Ever read The Great Gatsby?  Gatsby was trying to make Daisy believe that the five years that they had not seen each other had never happened.  Hey that sounds like a good idea!  Enter Pammy, Daisy’s daughter a living incarnation of the five years that have passed.

Sean is my Pammy.  He reminds me that I’m broken.  He is cutting his first tooth and soon he will be walking.  I have yet to push him in his pram and is most upsetting to me.  I was going to spend more time in a depressed state until my husband rescued me.  I was scratching my frame with a pair of tweezers trying to leave some mark.  Anonymous said “Are you scratching ‘I hate Dr. ______’ into your frame?”  it made me laugh.  I then proceeded to decorate my frame with stickers.  I even put four metallic star stickers to represent the four months this frame has been screwed to my leg!  If the doctor says “6 more weeks” I’ll put on another star right in front of him!


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