Bed Stick

I have been sleeping downstairs since I did my homage to Evel Knievel. A wonderful woman named Maralee gave me a twin bed that had once been a bunk-bed and even some sheets. At first I had a love/hate relationship with the bed. I hated being away from Anonymous but I loved not having to wrangle with the stairs. After awhile the bed became my oasis!

On Christmas Anonymous and I were cuddled up on my bed watching a movie on my iPod. 15 minutes into Transformers a loud crash was heard and I wound up a foot higher and Anonymous was a foot lower. I was able to push off the mattress and dismount easily. Anonymous scrambled up the banister railing like Spiderman to abandon ship saying “I don’t want to break my ass, Satan’s trying to pull the bed into Hell”. I laughed for an hour! I ended up sleeping with Anonymous since that night. The next day we put the mattress and support back but it broke again.

Today we went to Lowe’s to pick up some wood to sure up the bed. I now have my oasis back during the day, the big bed with Anonymous at night and a big laugh!


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