Boxing Day Gifts

I had another orthopaedic appointment today. A few hours before I went in I received a phone call stating that the surgeon, who I was supposed to meet with, was in performing a surgery. I had the option of rescheduling or seeing the on-call orthopaedist. I decided to keep my appointment since X-rays needed to be taken.

The X-rays went smoothly, no need for additional films. The on-call surgeon was actually the surgeon I had for my first surgery. He reviewed my X-rays and told me “soon”. Soon things will be happening such as weight bearing and the removal of the fixator. He told me that he would leave the X-rays for my current surgeon to review. My next appointment is in a month (or possibly sooner).

I needed a refill of one of my prescriptions so we Anonymous, Sean and I waited in the pharmacy just off of the orthopaedic ward. While sitting in the waiting area a woman and her husband sat down. While turning in my seat to see if my name had been posted on the pick-up board I noticed a bracelet the woman was wearing. Instead of beads it was glass tiles in a row. I told her that the bracelet was beautiful and she told me that she had made it.

A few minutes later she held out her bracelet and said, “I want you to have this”. I was dumbstruck and said, “Are you sure?”. She nodded in the affirmative and got up to pick up her prescription. I was still in shock and saw that her husband had returned I motioned him over. I asked, “what is your wifes name?” he told me that its Keilani (a Hawaiian name). I told him that I was very touched by what she did. He told me that “she just felt something, giving it (the bracelet) to you felt right”. I wished him and his wife good fortune for the new year.

After Kaiser the Anonymous household went and got something to eat. While Anonymous was picking up the meal a woman with a baby ambled over. It turns out it was a woman whom I had met during one of Sean’s well baby check-ups. The pair of us were in a room be evaluated on our breastfeeding techniques. Her son is day younger than Sean and its amazing to see the contrast. I knew Sean was big for his age but it didn’t hit me until I saw him side by side with another 4 month old!

After eating it was another Costco run, I’m becoming a veteran at this! An event happened that hopefully Anonymous/Exculpatory will write about since I cannot do it justice.


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