Drug Bust

Awhile back Anonymous husband and I had were reminiscing about elementary school days. Playing teether-ball, four square and the like. While we were talking about school yard injuries and games, I remembered a game, from the fourth grade, from my elementary school called drug bust.

I grew up in San Joaquin valley, not a real hip place. Where I lived there were farmers and gang members. At my elementary school kids rolled up post-it notes to make fake cigarettes. Some kids emptied out their crayon containers, with the flip-top lid, to store the “cigarettes” so it would look more like a hard pack. At recess a group of kids would be the drug dealers and the other the narcs.

The drug dealers would hide and the narcs would bust them, complete with frisking. Or the drug dealers would “sell” to an “undercover narc” and chase would ensue. We loved playing this game since to us kids it was more intricate version of hide and go seek or tag. Unfortunately the faculty did not see it this way and we were forbidden from playing.

I think that the faculty should have taken a more anthropological look at what the students were doing. We were engaging in mimicry. Mimicking events or ceremonies without having the full understanding or meaning of them.


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