For those that know me well know that I hate taking medication.  However, I’m not an idiot I take medication when it’s in my best interest.  Currently I have a love/hate relationship with my pain medication.  At first I didn’t want to take it because I didn’t want to become dependent on them.  I want to be able to learn to live with my pain at an acceptable level, build up my tolerance so to speak.

The pain in my leg is always constant but I can block it out.  Have you ever been in a hotel with one of those connecting doors to another room?  Imagine the occupants of the other room blasting the TV and laughing loudly on the phone.  If you focus hard enough you can ignore it.  Tonight my focus wasn’t as sharp,  after dinner I had a painkiller and it worked.

Now I wish I hadn’t since in 4 hours the pain will be back.  Hopefully in 4 hours I will have regained my focus.


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