China Syndrome

My Father is once again traveling to China for a business trip. He is usually out of the country about twice a month. It’s become common place for me to answer the phone and after a customary Hello ask “what country are you in?”. Europe, Central America and Asia are his popular haunts. I’ve become an expert on international customs and issues out of necessity.

The other day Anonymous received a message from one of our dear friends who is stationed in Germany. He left his call back number, just off the top of my head I knew the country exit code and to drop the first zero in the telephone number.

My good friends will be visiting Belize this Christmas and I’m jealous as hell! The last time I was out of country it was 2002. I’m dying for some stamps in my passport. I should have more than I do (I use my British instead of my American one for European trips so I have no stamps.)

I guess the point of this post is that I’m eager to travel especially to a new country.


2 thoughts on “China Syndrome

  1. Well…I’ve never even been out of the country. I do have a passport, however…in the event something happens to my sweet man in Iraq. So far, thankfully, I don’t have any stamps in it…but I would love to use it someday for fun.

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