X-mas Brick

With the Silly Season approaching please listen to your loved ones. Here’s an anecdote from my youth. I remember being 12 and our family, along with our grandparents, went to San Francisco. After being in the car for hours we stopped at a cafe for something to drink. My grandfather asked me what I wanted and I said “water”. He said, “Are you sure you don’t want a coke?” I shook my head in the negative, he said “Go on be a devil”. I said “Just water”. I ended up with a can of orange soda and the recurring feeling that no one listens to me. (Please note I love my grandfather very much)

It’s not even the 25th of December and already I’m frustrated. Anonymous hubby has a great post on Christmas vs. X-mas. If you have not read it and are wondering about X-mas I suggest you read it. I too loathe X-mas for me the loathing has to do with good intentions gone awry.

All of us have been victims of good intentions gone bad. You know it the sweater that your grandma knit for you out of carpet remnants. You don’t want to wear it but you do it out of guilt or because your Mom made you. Some might say the logical answer would be a list.

Ahouseholdkate once told me that lists are not a conceit it’s a tool, I wholeheartedly agree with this view. With lists the creator is showing what they would like and if you follow it no ones feelings get hurt. You can even dare to deviate from the list if you are wise. You can ask the spouse/significant other/family member/friend/co-worker/ if the person would like X. However, you must do your reconnaissance or have the balls to ask the person flat out if they would like X.

Many people do not do reconnaissance because they are convinced, in their minds, that what they are getting the person will love or doesn’t already have. I once received an item for my birthday and then received the exact same gift for X-mas. A quick phone call would have solved this problem (I ended up re-gifting the item).

Many people love it, I am one, when their loved one unwraps something! Unwrapping gives a great opportunity for a picture. What do you do when your loved one doesn’t want anything for X-mas? Enter the X-mas Brick! An ordinary brick that can be wrapped in tissue, wrapping paper or boxed.

The brick provides for the perfect photo op and eliminates the awkwardness that goes along with knick-knacks or duplicates. The brick is also a green commodity since it can be reused season after season. The brick is perfect for those that ask you what you want, ignore what you have to say and do what they want anyway.


3 thoughts on “X-mas Brick

  1. Lol. I love that. Can you also give gifts or bricks for those who ask for nothing? You know they’ll be disappointed if they don’t receive anything yet don’t help by dropping hints.

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