Rumbly Tummy

Anonymous and I reviewed our budget for this month, including our fake second mortgage (our savings plan to afford a new home) and we are doing well! To celebrate we got some Chinese take-out.

Yesterday before venturing out to Kaiser for my leg I got my period, my second one for 2007. I have to say for not having one for 10 months due to my pregnancy and post-partum its sort of a shock. For a split second I forgot that this is normal.

After my Kaiser visit I started taking my antibiotics since it was 4 o’clock by the time the prescription was filled I only had two pills. Today I had the full four pills, one every six hours. One of the side effects is an upset stomach.

After dinner I got an upset stomach and cramps. However, it could be from the spicy dinner, the pills or my period. I now get to stay up and debate which one these probable causes or combination of causes is the winner.

Feel free to pick a cause or make up a combo. If you could make up a new cause, the more creative the better, it would make my night!


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