Ever had braces? The orthodontist told you that it would take some weeks for you to not notice/feel your braces. I had braces in most of 7th grade and half of 8th and I don’t really remember the adjustment, I didn’t have a moment when I suddenly noticed that I hadn’t noticed the hardware.

Today I did notice the adjustment (not to braces but to other metallic hardware). To engage in personal hygiene I scooch upstairs backwards to utilize the facilities. With my first surgery I had my combat boot/walking cast which I covered with a trash bag taped to be water tight but it was cool if it got a little wet. I sat on a lawn chair in the tub while my hubby poured water over me to get washed up. With the second surgery and fixator I climb into the tub with my left leg resting on the wall side of the tub and then fill up the bath with water to get clean (I was told not to get this fixator wet). This morning I decided to forgo the bath.

I covered the fixator with a trash bag taped the hell out of it and got into the tub. Sitting on the bottom of the tub I proceeded to have my first quasi-proper shower since August 26. During the rest of the day I noticed that I didn’t notice the fixator. When I bumped it with my other/good leg I had to think for a second about what it was that I had knocked.

It’s been about three months that I broke my leg and two months tomorrow that I’ve had the fixator. I guess the human body can adjust to about anything with time.


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