Fellow Fixators

My surrogate mother Mrs. Riley has come for a visit.  She arrived yesterday to help with me and Sean.  She was my Mothers best friend and she is one of Seans grandmas.  When she first saw Sean I introduced her as my Mothers representative here on earth.  Today she suggested that Anonymous hubby and I go out for dinner and she would watch Sean, we accepted.

After dinner we stopped in some shoppes to look about.  When we were leaving an employee came up to us, nodded at me, and said “external fixator”.  I was surprised and said, “Your one of the first people to know what this is”.  It turns out that Jorge had an external fixator three years ago.  I told him how I broke my leg and asked him how he broke his leg and his response was, “I didn’t break it I was shot”.  This guy was shot 4 times and the bullet that went through his leg removed an inch and half of bone.  Jorge has a sixth degree black belt in bad-ass.

We then proceeded to exhibit our scars and talk about the “daily care” of the fixator.  While discussing the prevention of tenting (A process of gently poking the skin around the area of a steel post with a Q-tip to prevent it from sticking and making a “tent”) a fellow co-worker of his looked like he was going to pass out. The best thing about meeting Jorge was the fact that he was walking and had no discernible limp.  This guy gave me hope!

I also hope that I get some sleep tonight if not I will have a late night/early morning entry.


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