Bones, Trolley & Transformers Redux

Today the anonymous family headed to Kaiser for an orthopaedic appointment. I got to utilize my temporary disabled placard which helped immensely since it cut down on the distance for me to hobble. I was able to make it to the orthopaedic department on crutches. I had another X-ray taken and it seems that the bone is healing! I had some anxiety about this appointment since after my last X-ray I was told I needed additional surgery. My next X-ray/check-up is Boxing day.

After the orthopaedic appointment we headed to Costco for some much needed items. I hadn’t even fully entered Costco when an employee maneuvered an electric trolley towards me and asked if she could look after my crutches. I wasn’t stared at nearly as much as I was last time. Also my awesome husband did some alterations to a pair of sweat pants so my external frame is less conspicuous.

Tonight was movie night and this months selection was Transformers. Anonymous and I had a wonderful experience watching this film in July with our very good friends. Movie night was once again held at a “satellite” house which is one story so I could attend. Even though the anonymous household left a little early and our hosts Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery were drowsy and dozing it was fantastic night.


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