Where were you? Do you Remember?

The post Exculpatory did on early memories got me thinking of my memories and other events. Do you remember where you were when certain events took place?

One of my earliest memories is my mother putting on a pair of brown sandals in a hotel in Spain. I also remember walking on the staircase in our home in England, I remember I had a clear plastic umbrella with yellow happy faces on it. The stairs were forbidden in our house until we (my brother and I) could navigate them and we didn’t have a baby-gate. I remember being terrified of Doctor Who and I hid in my mother’s lap or behind the sofa. The Falklands War had me terrified of my Auntie Tina since it sounded like Argentina to me. Those are some of my earliest memories.

The Challenger Disaster

I was sitting in our living room in our house in England. I saw the explosion on the television set BBC1 I believe was the channel. I remember it because the exhaust/smoke-cloud/fumes of the explosion reminded me of the head of a butterfly (longish body and feelers).

The Verdict of O.J.

I remember I was sick that morning but I was feeling better before lunch. My mother was going to drive me to my afternoon classes at Sanger High. My mother had the telly on and it was on all the channels that O.J. got off.

Feel free to add other events.


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