Nightmare(s) & Dream(s)

I had a nightmare the other night. In this horrific dream I had lost my left foot. I sleep with my leg elevated which makes the foot less sensitive to stimuli plus I still have some residual swelling so the foot is a little numb. Waking did not bring me comfort since I couldn’t feel my foot at first. When I’m awake I try not to worry too much about my leg and it bothers me that my subconscious mind is. I hope that this external fixator does the trick so my non-union fracture forms a union and knits. I’m terrified that this won’t work. So far the doctors and family are confident so I try not to worry.

I miss sharing a bed with my husband and I dream about going upstairs. Today I did go upstairs under the supervision of anonymous hubby. I even laid in bed with him and Sean. I could have stayed there and slept the night but I want my leg to be stronger before I do. Nonetheless its wonderful to know that I can scooch on my butt with hubby holding my bad leg and get upstairs!


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