Nil by Mouth but Plenty by Heart

In half an hour I will be Nil by Mouth or NPO as it is known in American. My husband and baby are asleep I am not. I don’t think I’m nervous about my surgery I think I’m just anxious to have it done. I get my choice of anesthesia either a general or a spinal. Last time I opted for a spinal (its like an epidural but they give you a sedative a general involves intubation and other complex procedures).

I haven’t decided what to have done this time. To tell the truth I’m afraid of the general. I asked my husband (who has had a general) if I was a chicken for getting the spinal last time. He said just the opposite that I was brave to have the spinal since I might feel the surgeons hammering the rod into my leg.

I’m also awake due to thoughts of many people. Today I have had many phone calls, generally it’s feast or famine. Family and friends have called to say that they are thinking and praying for us. My second mom Mrs. Riley is praying for us and that means a lot because God owes her a few. I got a phone call from one of my friends mothers who I’ve only met twice! She told me that her and her friends were praying for us as well. She even told me that one of her friends (who I have never met) is sending a card.

I’m deeply touched and appreciative of all the support and kindness which is being given to our family. I guess I should put the laptop down and try and get some rest.


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