Low and High

I had a doctors visit this morning, my anonymous husband could not make it due to a bunch of meetings he has to go to. I have already posted that when my anonymous husband is not present things tend to go wrong. So I get to Kaiser with no problem, check in again no problem. It isn’t until the nurse goes to take my blood pressure that there is a problem, my blood pressure has always run on the LOW side (generally my blood pressure has to be taken twice because the first reading registers that I’m dead) and the machine apparently doesn’t seem to be working.

The first reading was nil but this has happened before so the nurse just presses the button again. Once more I have no discernible blood pressure. The arm is switched and a very low blood pressure reading is given (as though I have lost a couple pints) and the nurses are puzzled. This has started to get me worried as well (we all know white coat syndrome) my nurse takes my pulse. “Its a little fast” she says. I reply with “yeah I’m kinda nervous now” she tells me to relax then elevates my arm while once again trying to get a reading. Another nurse is called over, the cuff switches arms again and cables and connections are tested (the machine seems fine). Another couple tries with the new nurse with various arm positions the machine finally finds my blood pressure (98/72 I think it was) once again I’m low but its a good thing.

With the initial checks done I wait for my doctor and go through the regular process of measurements. I have been experiencing hip pain for the past couple weeks, it feels as though I am turning into a bird, as if my pelvic bone is being turned backwards. Also sometimes it feels as though the ball and socket joint of where my femur attaches to my hip is being yanked out. The doctor told me that the baby is descending and is probably lying on a nerve, he told me to stay off my feet.

While measuring my uterus, which is damn near at my neck, he told me that the baby will be big. I asked him his estimate of baby weight what he said blew my mind. “Right now I would say about 7 pounds you have a good chance of delivering a baby over 8”. I said in all seriousness “you’re pulling my leg?” he just shook his head. I still have to fathom that one but then again its only an estimate.


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