Once again it is May Day, it has become the unofficial day for pro illegal-immigration marches. Last year it was embroiled in controversy since most participants who were interviewed had no clue as to why they were marching. Also it was claimed to be a pro-American rally yet the flags flown at this rally were predominantly not American. The organizers say this year will be different. I am for immigration if it is done legally, within the law. Last year I had a discussion with a co-worker over illegal immigration and was called a racist for not defending illegals. “They are just trying to make a better life, whats wrong with that?” (I could dedicate a whole website to how it hurts the economy, tax payers and the American Working Poor) While many illegals are trying to make a better life it is being done illegally. If I rob a bank, so I can help make a better life for my family, and I don’t use a gun and don’t hurt anyone should the same blind eye be turned to me? Of course not I am BREAKING the law. When coming to another country legally or illegally you are subject to its laws Michael Fay, Singapore 1994 is a good example. Many of the illegal immigrants want the rights of full citizens yet don’t want to go through the law and wait to get those rights, it is this “gimme now” mentality that drives me insane.


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