I started running after my general surgeon put the idea into my head.  Today was my sixth race and I set a new personal best for myself.  A year ago I never would have considered myself to be a runner today I realized I am a runner.20131208_092534 10001249_10202204648932388_1977049595_o 1537634_10201906621921899_165987917_o 1469981_10201496119619598_172881899_n 1147664_10200984266783597_653478880_o 1147606_707874429242531_806755037_o


Miss C. was my legs when I was incapacitated for nearly a year.  She helped me be a mom for Sean and she’s a great friend.  Yesterday I went to the inland center to get the final touches for the kids halloween costumes. It was a trial, Evelyn cooperates some.  She’ll walk with me and mostly holds my hand.  However, with all the sparkly-s in the mall there are wandering eyes and legs.  We only stayed for an hour and it was trying but no one died so it was win.  I still needed to go to the fabric shop so I enlisted the help of Miss C.  She was able to corral Evie since the cutting table at the fabric shop rivaled the line at the DMV.  We managed after an hour to procure our items then it came to check out.  Now let me tell you whenever I shop something goes wrong.  The till will break, the item I want will have a bad barcode or no barcode at all (you get the picture).  When I tell people this they roll their eyes or say mockingly, “you’re so dramatic.”

So at the fabric shop we’re at the check out when one of the items I bought is not ringing up a the correct price.  The clerk leaves and then comes back to confirm that I am right about the price.  He tells me to cancel my transaction which I do, I push the red button then confirm the cancellation but the transaction goes through.  The clerk tells me he’ll just return the item then sell it back at the correct price.  The till then dies.  When the screen comes back it says download the clerk is stumped and asks for help.  I tell Miss C. about my curse and she smiles.  Eventually we are able to leave.  Next we go to pick up the pictures we had taken.  I go up the counter give my name  they find my pictures but the CD is missing.  I ask for them to look for it.  They can’t find it.  Another clerk gets on a terminal and it dies, she gets on the phone.  Beside me Miss C. is chuckling, I just give her a look screaming see-I-told-you-it-was-true.  She gives me a look screaming back Hey-I-never-doubted-you-it’s-just too-funny.  They finally find my CD and we are able to leave.


Yesterday as I was dropping Sean off at school two dogs came near.  These were pit bull puppies still rather large but juveniles nonetheless.  I have taught Sean to stay still around animals that he is not familiar with.  These pups were looking for someone to play with unfortunately due to their size and the bad rep pit bulls have some children were terrified.  The kids began screaming the type of scream that makes me think of cheerleaders on a roller coaster.  The dogs think, “hey more playmates”  One kid runs and the dog knocks him down.  A kindergarten teacher who is about as tall as I am leaps into the air and manages to tackle and hold one of the dogs down.  The principal grabbed a megaphone and gave instructions to the other pupils to stay still.  Sean had climbed a hill with two of his classmates and I could hear him saying, “be a statue”.  Soon the dogs were rounded up.  Later that day through a flyer distributed it turned out 4 students had been sent to the nurse to be checked for nips and scratches while one student had to be sent home since the dog tackled him and he wound up slamming his head into the pavement.  Local police and animal control were notified.  Please, please, please be careful with your pets.  I do know that sometimes dogs rush out or get loose but please have them identifiable.  There were no collars on these pups.  With the fear surrounding pit bulls today there must be a higher level of vigilance by owners.  

Pale Blue Dot

Yes, we live on a pale blue dot.  If you have seen the Voyager pictures you know to what I am speaking.  21 years ago at sixth grade camp I looked through a telescope and saw the planet Saturn.  Two nights ago I stood on my front lawn with my family and we peered through a borrowed telescope and saw Saturn.  I know that there are planets in our solar system, it is something that we are taught in primary school but actually seeing it is another matter.  When I think of black holes or of planck time I think of the pale blue dot and how insignificant we are in the vastness of Space.  

More Motivation

Last month I ran my first 5k. I still have my Diva’s 5k in December and I have been running diligently.  However, I have found that sometimes my motivation is waning.  I have the random thought of, “You did what you set out to do” and “You’ve ran a 5k you’re done now.”  I don’t want these stray thoughts to become full fledged members of my mind so I did something that could be either labeled genius or the last wave of a drowning man.  I signed up for another race, this one is in October.  Better get my running gear ready for the morning.

My board

Ahouseholdkate taught me how to make message boards.  I have seen them in shops but I never found a size I liked, or the pattern I disliked or the price was to high.  With her help I found the perfect size, the least obnoxious Star Trek fabric I could find and some sheer ribbon.  We made this together and I hung it on the wall next to my bed. It has become my inspiration board, I put postcards or pictures I like.  For the longest time I had my race paperwork on the board as a reminder of what I’m working towards and to make sure I get out of bed to run.

Last night Anonymous and I had a rare dinner out.  Before we headed out we looked for deals or new restaurants to try and Anonymous discovered that there would be a local race.  We talked about it over dinner, I had already ran that day and usually I rest on the day after.  This race would fall on my rest day but I was tempted.  

This morning (Sunday 25th of August) I woke up early around half past four.  I made coffee then made the decision to go.  I got dressed, got in the car and head out.  I ran my first 5k and got a decent time 31:06 and that was even stopping to help a young lad who had fallen behind me.  I was amazed that no one was stopping to help him.  I went over made sure he was ok.  His knees and shins took quite a beating.  After a few minutes a race official came and was able to help and I was able to continue.  I came home with a smile on my face and put my runner’s bib and medal on my board next to my race paperwork for December.Image

Friday Night

So yesterday I went with Miss C to Bingo at the community center.  Prizes are donated by the participants and you can donate a few bucks if you want an extra card or a bag of crisps.  With it being the IE local thugs had already stolen the air conditioners (sound familiar?) so the room was hot but the balls were singing their sweet song and I found myself among good people and a great time!  At first I was very competitive and OCD’ish about my card.  I would pick a certain colour for the rows.Image


The last game was black out and the competitve edge was gone, I chewed on Skittles and even let the colour scheme go and I won! I scored a board game and some sparkly nail polish.Image